Established in 2000, LADANG and its group of companies have been at the forefront of supplying, installation, testing and commissioning of cryogenic equipment in Indonesia. LADANG has employed a combination of technology and high quality products to satisfy a diverse range of cryogenic applications for liquefied air gases and LNG.

Operationally, LADANG group is divided in the following sub divisions:


The main activity of this division involves in small scale natural gas liquefaction, LNG storage and regasification, LNG handling and transportation, LNG/LCNG filling stations, LNG bunkering and transfer systems, and natural gas compression. We design, supply, erection, installation and testing commissioning of equipment and complete plant from upstream to retail users.


The main activity of this division is the design and sales of industrial air gasses facilities such as air separation plants, CO2 liquefaction plants, storage tanks, cryogenic pumps and valves. This division also design and build crude palm oil production plants, CPO storage tanks and bulking stations. We have a complete team from civil, mechanical and electrical engineers to design various CPO production processes from the ground up.

LADANG believes LNG as the fuel of the future because of the economic and environmental advantages over the current oil-based fuels. Considering the geographic condition of Indonesia with its many and diverse islands the benefit of utilizing LNG which is 600x more space efficient compared to its gaseous state, the economic benefits for the transportation alone are obvious. We see small-scale LNG systems and virtual pipeline as key to an integral LNG supply chain. With the breadth of our knowledge and technology that we possess, we hope contribute to an important role in the sustainable economy.

Our reputation for providing an unsurpassed level of customer service rides on every job we do. From the smallest enquiry for a standard vaporizer or pump to a detailed solution for a special or unusual plant, every customer gets the same level of understanding, attention and after sales care.

Today, we like to call ourselves a one stop service to all LNG and cryogenic applications.

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